Rondreis SINAI - Tour Master Class Visual Storytelling Sinai Desert


Join this very special master class visual storytelling in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. Accompanied by National Geographic photographer Frits Meyst. He will teach you all about storytelling techniques, while hiking with the Bedouins through the magnificant Egyptian desert.
Land:Egypt - Sinai Desert - Sinai Trail
Bijzonder:Combination of visual storytelling, hiking magnificant landscapes and meeting locals. Work together on a production, that will support the local community.
Hoe:Group tour as a master class visual storytelling; hiking and visiting - hotels and camping
Duur:9 Days for €1899 per person
Fair?Meet local people and learn about respectful photography. Create a production together, that will support the Sinai Trail, a community based tourism project with a goal to preserve Bedouin culture.

More than a trip - Work on a real project

This tour is more than just a holiday. During your trip you will help the local communities to learn how to tell their story.
You and the other participants will work together with Frits on the story about the Sinai Trail, a hiking trail through the desert of Egypt that connects several Bedouin tribes. By actively engaging in a real production you will learn how a story comes together. Your production is a mix of photography, text, video and audio and the end result of your work will be published as an online multimedia production and possibly in print.

Publish the result

With our production we will support the Sinai Trail, a community based tourism project with a goal to preserve Bedouin culture. Through small scale cultural and hiking tourism, the organisation creates income for local communities. This will stimulate the transfer of knowledge and preservation of culture from the elders to the younger generation, which therefore will have a future perspective as guides and not leave to work in the cities, thus preserving the rich traditions of Bedouin culture.

Fair for Fair2

Fair2 is a social enterprise with the aim of economic development. In travel we work for this aim by organising special tours to local communities. We stand for travelling to special destinations, with intense encounters between people and nature, in which the local population benefits as much as possible by involving them in the journeys. This gives our travelers the most unforgettable experiences. We organize all our trips from our vision on sustainability, with respect for people, planet and profit; both here and at our destinations and on the road.