Rondreis SINAI - Tour Master Class Visual Storytelling Sinai Desert


Join this very special master class visual storytelling in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. Accompanied by National Geographic photographer Frits Meyst. He will teach you all about storytelling techniques, while hiking with the Bedouins through the magnificant Egyptian desert.
Land: Egypt - Sinai Desert - Sinai Trail
Bijzonder: Combination of visual storytelling, hiking magnificant landscapes and meeting locals. Work together on a production, that will support the local community.
Hoe: Group tour as a master class visual storytelling; hiking and visiting - hotels and camping
Duur: 9 Days for €1899 per person
Seizoen: December
Fair? Meet local people and learn about respectful photography. Create a production together, that will support the Sinai Trail, a community based tourism project with a goal to preserve Bedouin culture.

Physical condition

It would be good if you have hiking experience with a 10kg daypack , as we will be walking 3-5 hours a day through rocky mountains, with here and there some steeper climbs to get up to a spectacular viewpoint. A normal physical condition should be sufficient to participate.

Practical information

Transfer between Sharm El Sheikh Airport via Dahab to the start of the Sinai Trail and back after the workshop

2 nights under the stars or in a tent
2 nights in a bedouin camp
2 nights basic rooms with showers in Fox Camp in St Kathrine
1 night in Dahab

3 delicious meals a day cooked in the field by our Bedouin guides.

Packing & Destination information

* Day pack with enough space for water, jacket, lunch pack and your camera
* Sleeping bag for overnight in the desert (it can go down to 5 degrees Celsius)
* Sturdy hiking boots for the rocky trails (at least B category)
* Water sandals for the sand desert
* Hiking poles for support and to use as monopod
* Warm clothing, down jacket or fleece, thermal underwear, hat and gloves for the cold desert nights
* Rain clothing, because you never know
* Cool clothing: Quick drying shirts, thin hiking pants, wind breaker

It is winter in the desert, with temperatures of 20C in the daytime and around freezing point at night. In the mountains, at altitude it will also be colder and windchill can be a factor.

Several governments have issued travel advisories to the Sinai. This is based on the unrest and insurgency in North Sinai. The Sinai Trail runs through the South Sinai where you will be in the safe hands of the local Bedouin tribes.