Rondreis SINAI - Tour Master Class Visual Storytelling Sinai Desert


Join this very special master class visual storytelling in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. Accompanied by National Geographic photographer Frits Meyst. He will teach you all about storytelling techniques, while hiking with the Bedouins through the magnificant Egyptian desert.
Land:Egypt - Sinai Desert - Sinai Trail
Bijzonder:Combination of visual storytelling, hiking magnificant landscapes and meeting locals. Work together on a production, that will support the local community.
Hoe:Group tour as a master class visual storytelling; hiking and visiting - hotels and camping
Duur:9 Days for €1899 per person
Fair?Meet local people and learn about respectful photography. Create a production together, that will support the Sinai Trail, a community based tourism project with a goal to preserve Bedouin culture.


Join this very special master class visual storytelling in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. Accompanied by National Geographic photographer Frits Meyst. He will teach you all about storytelling techniques, while hiking with the Bedouins through the magnificant Egyptian desert.

Country: Egypt - Sinai Desert - Sinai Trail
Price: 9 Days for €1899 per person
Period: December
How: Group tour as a ,aster class visual storytelling; hiking and visiting - hotels and camping
Special: Visual storytelling - hiking magnificant landscapes - meeting locals
Fair: Create a production, that will support the Sinai Trail; a community based project to preserve Bedouin culture.

Learn how to tell a story - by visual storyteller Frits Meyst

In 9 days, Frits Meyst will teach you the ins and outs of visual storytelling. You will learn about composition and light, and specifically about storytelling techniques: How do you tell a great story in pictures, text, video and audio.

Frits is a visual storyteller with more than 30 years experience in photography and the Middle East. He co-created the trip with local travel experts and has discovered the area several times.

Read more about Frits Meyst and his ideas about this trip. All photos for this tour are made by Frits.

Working on a community project during your trip

This tour is more than just a holiday. During your trip you will work on a real visual production. With that you help the local communities to learn how to tell their story. By actively engaging in a real production you will learn how a story comes together. You and the other participants will work together with Frits on the story about the Sinai Trail, a hiking trail through the desert of Egypt that connects several Bedouin tribes. Your production is a mix of photography, text, video and audio and the end result of your work will be published.
Read more about the project

Itinerary in short

Day 1: arrival in Sharm el Sheikh
Day 2: introduction to the masterclass - first workshop about visual story telling - afternoon transfer to Habiba for the night - Camping
Day 3: Hiking - Tarabin camping
Day 4: Hiking - Bedouin camp
Day 5: Tarabin and afternoon transfer to St. Katherine - Fox camp
Day 6: St. Katherine feast - Monastery - Fox camp
Day 7: Hiking around St. Katherine - Bedouin camp
Day 8: Hiking around St. Katherine - afternoon transfer to dahab for the night
Day 9: Transfer to Sharm el Sheikh for departure

Day 1 & 2: Arrival in Sharm el Sheikh and the Sinai Desert

Today your plane arrives at the airport of Sharm el Sheikh. You can organise your own flight or we can book it for you. Most flights arrive in the night. We can organise your pick-up. You will stay in Sharks Bay Diving Village very near by the airport.

Next day we will start with an introduction workshop to the masterclass visual storytelling.

Later in the afternoon our local crew will pick you up at the accommodation for a transfer to Habiba. We will stay here at a simple, but pleasant beach camp on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba for the night.

Day 2 - Coastal mountains and canyons

We leave the Gulf of Aqaba and walk into the rugged coastal mountains to Moiyet el Melha: a beautiful oasis which legend has it is protected by a ghoul. We'll continue through the beautiful sandy wadis of El Faria before crossing the high pass of Naqb el Kohla, where we can gaze back over the coastal mountains. Next along is the Coloured Canyon: a narrow, winding sandstone crevice, named after the reds, purples and yellows swirled into its rocks. After this, we'll take jeeps to our evening campsite.

Day 3 - Sandstone mountains, highlands and Bedouin families

Wake early and hike over an old camel pass to the foot of Jebel Mileihis: a rugged, sandstone mountain, which offers views out to the highlands of St Katherine and the Hejaz mountains of Saudi Arabia. We'll climb the mountain in the dark and photograph the sunrise over the desert from the top. After Jebel Mileihis we'll walk over an old pilgrim pass to the oasis of Ein Hudera, where several Bedouin families of the Muzeina tribe live.

Day 4 - Prehistoric ages, desert landscapes to st Katherine

We'll hike over a camel pass and meet our jeeps, to transfer to a cluster of prehistoric tombs known as the Nawamis. The tombs are around 6000 years old and their doorways all face west towards the setting sun. Afterwards we will continue into the beautiful sandstone deserts of the Sinai: a realm of sweeping desert plains, dunes and sandstone outcrops. When finished we will take taxis to St Katherine, the highest town in Egypt.

Day 5 - st Katherines Monastry

We will visit the Monastery of St Katherine and watch the annual Feast of St Katherine, when the monks make a procession around the monastery. You will have the afternoon free.
Overnight in st Katherine.

Day 6 - Discover the beautiful wadis around st Katherine

We will spend the afternoon hiking around the beautiful wadis of Wadi Shagg and Wadi Zawatin, in the high mountains around St Katherine. We will see beautiful old Bedouin orchards in which olive, pomegranate, apricot and other kinds of tree are grown, along with waterpools, dripping springs and high mountain passes. We will return to a Bedouin camp in the evening.

Day 7 - Climb mount Sinai - one of world's holiest mountains

We will hike up Mount Sinai - one of the world's holiest mountains - via a little known path which passes hidden chapels and hermit cells. We will climb peaks seldom visited before descending the mountain via the Steps of Repentance. In the evening we will transfer to the coastal town of Dahab, on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Day 8 - back to Sharm el Sheikh for your flight back

Transfer to Sharm el Sheikh for departure.

What does an average day look like?

We try work with the good light which means that we will hike mostly in the early hours of the day. The idea is to be at the scenic places at the best time of the day. This does mean that sometimes we will walk with a headlight in the dark, to be able to experience sunrise.

At midday, when the sun is high, we take a break for lunch, rest a bit, and take time to discuss images, work on the storyboards and the planning, etc.

During the late afternoon we set out again to explore a different part of the desert, hiking into the sunset.

Photography and Hiking

The Sinai Trails is a hiking trail through the mountains of the Sinai Desert. While in the desert, we are always accompanied by well trained Bedouin guides. Luggage is transported by jeeps and camels, so we can move around easily with our day pack and camera's.

Master class experience level

This master class is meant for passionate amateur photographers, and starting professionals, Also bloggers or journalists and filmers who want to fine tune their visual storytelling skills are welcome. Are you passionate about photography, experiencing remote cultures, and the great outdoors, then this is the right challenge for you.

Physical condition

It would be good if you have hiking experience with a 10kg daypack , as we will be walking 3-5 hours a day through rocky mountains, with here and there some steeper climbs to get up to a spectacular viewpoint. A normal physical condition should be sufficient to participate.